- Mighty Cleaning Kit -
Does this work on suede shoes?
Not recommended for use on leather/suede dress shoes or boots. Use extreme caution when cleaning leather/suede shoes as it is likely to bleed with any contact with water. When cleaning suede, always test in an inconspicuous area first.
How many times should use semi-wet cloth to wipe out the foam from the shoes after cleaning?
3-5 times depends on how much foam you use it.
How to get the shoes or sneaker dry after cleaning?
Do not use hair dryer. Just keep the shoes for air dry and it will take about 24 hours depends on the weather.
What does the cleaner smell like?
Not much of a smell. A little citrus.
How many shoes we can clean from this bottle?
I would say 10 to 20. Depending how dirty they are and the size of shoes.
Will this change the original color of my shoes?
No, it should not but if you are concerned about this use a very diluted amount in a small area first to test its effect on color.
Can it be used on vehicle seats or used it for cleaning kitchen or bathroom?
Yes. That’s what the directions say.